Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Cleveland lake 10.28.03

Today's trip was a return try of Cleveland Lk. Cleveland Lk. is just outside of Skykomish near Money Creek. To reach the Money Creek rd. you must still detour into Skykomish because to bridge work. The weather started dry and became increasingly more wet as the day unfolded. I was to use the logging road that is the last left before you cross Money Creek. The logging road is driveable to the first switchback. The road is however very narrow, not a road where you would want to meet someone coming the other way in a diving rainstorm. Of course this is exactly what happened. I climbed about 2000 vertical ft, before my hands looked like I had fallen asleep in the bath tub. I decided that maybe I should look for some place dryer. As I started my descent I was treated with added pleasure of 40 mph gusts blowing through. By the time I returned to the truck the road was just a torrent. I stopped on the way out on the Money creek bridge and admired how much the water had risen in the creek. It had least doubled in size during the time of my hike.

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