Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Maloney Lookout, Sobieski Mt 4.15.03

Today's goal was Sobieski Mt. summit which is approached via the Foss River Rd.. I followed Road 6840 until approx. 2600ft and parked. Be wary of this road there is alot of fallen rock on the road, many of which would ruin your whole trip. Snow condition today was heavy and slow it took me 2.5 hours to reach the summit which has to be less than 5 miles. There is a microwave tower on the summit and some out buildings which showed there is still 8 feet of snow at 4430ft. I cut the corner on the descent with some nice sliding managing for the most part to miss the tree wells along the way. I then went to the Maloney Ridge Lookout where there is also a microwave tower. This is less than a half mile from the main road. Nice views of the Skykomish Valley. I returned to the car just less than 5hrs after starting, feeling like I had done at least twice what I had done. I managed to make it on time to meet some friends for dinner at Jak's in Issaquah. There isn't anything quite like a little Booker's and a nice fat fillet at Jak's after a qood climb.

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