Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Amalbis Mt.2.5.03

I was looking for a snowhoe climb where I didn't just carry them. As I suspected there was plenty of snow covering the road. I climbed to the first intersection and climbed straight up the hill until I rejoined the road. I passed two guys on skis at the next junction. I continued on the eastern road and climbed to the very obvious pt (approx 4600ft). The views were stunning in every direction. Great views of Ranier to the south and the Dutch Miller group to the NW, and also Kachess Lake directly beneath the summit. I decided to follow the western trail out and passed the same two skiers I had met previously. The weather couldn't have been better and there was plenty of untracked powder above 4000ft.

Total distance approx 11 miles Total climb 2100ft Total time 3:40

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