Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Green Mt. 12.10.02

Well the weather seems to have changed at last. Breezy and wet today with the snow level hovering around 3200ft. Today's attempt was Green Mt. which is located between Mt Teneriffe and Bessemer Mt. . I started approx 2 miles past where the Middle Fork road crosses the river, there is a gated logging road with ample parking. I followed the logging road to where it splits one way crosses the creek and the other continues east. Instead of following the road I just climbed straight up, the timber is easy going and is much shorter than staying on the road. Near 2100ft I regained the road just before it splits the lower branch is overgrown but isn't hard to follow. I continued on this road which is a VERY LONG traverse but does move you directly towards the summit. Near 2800ft there is a creek crossing that is very overgrown with small limber branches that sting more than you can believe when hit across your face. I decided rather than risk scarring I would try this at some other time or some other route. I would think this route would be a good spring route when the days are longer and the Hell branches are buried deep under snow. I think next time I will try leaving the Teneriffe climbers trail and do a ridge traverse to reach Green Mt. summit. It sure was nice to see some new snow!

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