Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Rainbow Lake 11/12/02

I set out to climb Pratt Mt., with the weather very balmy I left the parking lot at about 12:30. The trail was snow free until the saddle where the trail splits. I stayed on the trail that heads towards Rainbow lake. At approx 4400 ft I left the trail and climbed to the boulders fields that comprise the western side of Pratt. In the summer this would be a simple ascent but with about 6 inches of snow covering the rocks it was a bit more tricky. I climbed to 4700 feet and stopped (only 400ft to go). The weather was changing it was very windy on the exposed parts of the summit and the rain became torrential. I resentfully returned to the trail. Since I had a little extra time I dropped to Rainbow lake. Great views of Talapus lake and Ollalie lakes as well as Island lake. All are ice free. I only saw one other person and returned to the car at 4:30. Total climb 3300ft Total time 4:00

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