Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Goldmeyer Hot Springs 9.18.02

The Middle Fork road is it's usual bump fest but very passable. The turn off for the hot springs is a spur off the mainline that has a fishing regs sign and a sign with a L and a B with what appears to be a pear on it. Follow the branch that drops to the river. There is plenty of parking riverside. Cross the river beware the water can be treacherous (benign for this trip). There is a path on the other side that quickly takes you to the caretaker's cabin. The fee is $12/day/person, and only 20 people are allowed per day. We only saw 4 people during our stay, but we passed 7 on our way out. There are some great campsites along the river. The hotsprings themselves are about a half mile from the caretaker's cabin. The trail is about 250ft of climb but the trail is very well maintained. There is an outhouse and a dry place to keep your clothes. As are most mountain hotsprings clothing is optional so don't be suprised to see plenty of naked people. The spring is set in a cave that spills out into two lower pools. The water is would guesstimate to be around 104 in the cave. I had not been to the springs in 20 plus years,but it is very much the way I remember it. Please do your best to maintain it's unspoiled nature.

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