Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Upper and Lower Wildcat Lakes 8.14.02

We left the Alpental Trailhead at 10am, after our drive with the car overheating and gears slipping. Needless to say we were happy to get out of the car, with only a passing worry if we would be able to drive home. The trail to Snow Lake is in great shape as is the trail around the lake. We stopped in a small patch of shade at Gem Lake and relaxed before the drop to Lower Wildcat Lake. The trail is in good shape and is easy to follow. Once to the lake cross the creek and follow the fisherman's trail until it splits follow the left branch that climbs the 300 feet to Upper Wildcat Lake. There is a great campsite near the outlet and the fishing was good for small cutts. In the morning I climbed the northern ridge over the lake there is a climber's trail that roughly follows the ridge line. I had wanted to go to Caroline lake but was unable to make it in my alloted time. Stunning views from the ridge top. I did catch sight of Derrick lake that looks like an easy cross country from Upper Wildcat. The way out was long and hot but we made it home I guess that is what is most important. Total elevation gained approx 4200 feet hiking time 9hours with full pack.

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