Thursday, August 1, 2002

Turquoise Lake, Cuitin Lake 8.1.02

I Took French Creek trail to French Ridge trail about 5.1 miles. Trail easy and in good shape. The climb up French Ridge trail somewhat brushy left trail at approx. 4320ft. There is a well flagged fisherman's trail that climbs and intersects with the Turquiose Lake Trail at about 5150. From there it is a very easy trail to the lake. I met a couple on their way out who suggested the camp site that is on the major point. Thank you an excellent suggestion. Four hours total to lake. The bugs were above average as was the fishing. Many Many trout of different sizes. I left for Cuitin Lake in the morning, I found a fishermans trail that leaves the Turquiose Lake trail at 5850 and climbs to the saddle and drops into the lake. No camping is permitted at the lake. The bugs were very bad and the fish were really jumping. I left and rejoined the French Ridge trail at 5500ft and continued out on French Ridge Trail. Great Trip 9 hours Hiking time. I do think the fishermans trail that leaves the French Ridge trail and intersects with Turquoise Lake trail is faster but it is much steeper but saves both distance and extra elevation gain.

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